Agricultural Equipment

TOTAL Fuel Economy lubricants for engines tractor and agricultural machinery

TOTAL is one of the few that has developed Fuel Economy lubricants for Agricultural equipement . Satisfying the very latest manufacturers specifications our Fuel Economy lubricants allow to save 600 L of fuel and 1.6 T of CO2 per machine and per year.

Lubricants for tractors

A demonstrated reduction of fuel consumption

By various test on different brands of tractors

A test campaign performed on various CLAAS and NEW HOLLAND brand tractors, demonstrated that the combined usage of our Fuel Economy engine and transmission lubricants (for gearboxes and axles) made it possible to save up to 600 litres of fuel per year.

The tests carried out on a 155hp tractor using the TOTAL TRACTAGRI Fuel Economy engine oil and the TOTAL DYNATRANS MPV transmission oil, indicated a reduction of the fuel consumption.

By an independent institution

The fuel savings generated by Fuel Economy lubricants throughout the overall powertrain have been approved by the Poitou-Charentes Regional Agricultural Chamber (tests were performed under their supervision and stringent controls)

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